Woman Stays with Boyfriend to Ensure Assistance With Unloading Groceries

Local Angeleno woman intends to stay with boyfriend to ensure only one trip from the car unloading groceries, despite her family’s, friends’ and her own suspicions that he might not be ‘the one.’

When prodded by close family members, principally her mother, if she was sure she shouldn’t look for someone better suited to her and that maybe she could take multiple trips to carry in her groceries, she quipped back, “Who has time to be making multiple trips out to the car for groceries? Nobody.”

“Plus,” she added, “Between all of the organic produce and jars of coconut oil, you know how heavy my bags can get, and Todd can carry at least three bags in each hand. He’s a grocery-carrying dreamboat.”

Since groceries are a vital part of life, she does not see a breakup with her boyfriend anywhere in the foreseeable future. She feels deeply for her single girlfriends who have to make two, sometimes even three, trips from the car unloading groceries.

Poor girls.

This is part of The Problem With Dating’s satirical column, AKA Love. In other words, this shit didn’t actually happen (to our knowledge).

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