True or False: When a Guy Uses Emoticons, He’s Interested (and More Texting Translations)

I see multiple texting posts for True or False in the future, but let’s start with this one.

In the January 2013 issue of Cosmopolitan, Brian McDermott,’s official male translator, decoded some generic texts a guy might send a girl into what he really means.

So, I want you guys to read the following and let us know, True or False: Are these texting translations accurate?


He Texted: Hey, what are you doing?

He Means: “If he doesn’t follow up with an invite, he’s just checking to see if you’re available. This is a text guys use to keep you interested without expending time or energy.”

He Texted: How’d that meeting go?

He Means: “If he asks about an event that you mentioned was important to you just after it was scheduled to happen, it shows you’re on his mind all day long.”

He Texted: Out at a party; I’ll see you later. (side note from Bruna: Who uses a semi-colon in text? He deserves an award)

He Means: “He has no real intention of seeing you later, and if he does, it’ll be on his terms only.”

He Texted: Take care.

He Means: “This is what you say when you get off the phone with your aunt. It’s about as formal and uninvolved as you can get.”

He Texted: Anytime

He Means: “When a guy uses emoticons, he’s interested. Most men don’t use them often, so there’s more weight to them than you’d think.”

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