This 11-Year-Old Girl Has No Chill–See Her Epic Breakup Text!

What were you doing at 11 years old? Oh, that’s cute.

This girl is delivering epic breakup texts and zingers before even entering her teenage years, and while some of you might think that this is a cause for worry (after all, she’s only 11 years old, why is she in a relationship?), the truth of the matter is it’s awesome and maybe you can learn a thing or two.

Let’s face it. Kids are dating at a much younger age these days. And sure they’re probably not dating for real (let’s hope), but I remember having my sixth grade “boyfriend.” Many, actually. They all usually lasted about a week. Sometimes maybe even a school period.

When my mom found out, she asked, “So what does that mean exactly?” And I simply said, “I’m not allowed to like anyone else.”

That’s loyalty people.

Anyway, this isn’t about me (for once). This is about a young girl who was about to enter middle school and decided to end things with her boyfriend Joey after finding out that he went to the park with Natalie. OH NO HE DIDN’T.

Oh yes he did.

The girl’s older sister, Madi Nickens, found the “official break up” conversation in her phone and put it on Twitter so everyone can experience what a badass her sibling is, and also so some of you can learn a thing or two about self worth and how to let ’em have it.

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