Reader Reviews

Simply put, Bruna Nessif is the most hilarious romance writer of our time. Her book, Let That Shit Go, is LA’s answer to Sex in the City. If there is a more entertaining author out there, I haven’t found her. Following Bruna as she stumbles through relationship after relationship in nude heels and and mini skirts, her prose will leave you feeling that no breakup pain is permanent, and no taco is worth passing up. Rather than crumble under the pressure of failed attempts at romance, Bruna shines a light on her darkest tinder-swiping moments to illuminate the hidden lessons of love. Like a modern day love guru, Bruna takes readers on an passion-filled adventure through the crazy LA dating scene to show you that true love is not just rare—it’s everywhere.

This is a hard one to put down. I didn’t plan on finishing this book in a night, but a few hours after starting I was closing the back cover. Bruna has done a fantastic job balancing the story of her own personal experiences with lessons & advice we can all relate to. You will cheer, cry, have your heart shattered, and be inspired throughout the journey this book takes you on. I will be sharing this book with many people in my life.

It is so brave to embrace and share truths and mistakes, especially those “oh honey” dating moments we all have in our memory banks. It was inspiring to read about a woman who is the hero in her own story, understands that self love is work that’s worth it and wants to light that fire in others.

Wow!!! I wouldn’t be surprised if this book turns into a (True Story) movie as it is so real and raw. It takes a lot of courage to be as transparent and write such a book. It makes you cry and it makes you smile. Very intriguing and super emotional. Great writing skills. Smooth flow and easy read. Once you start reading, you don’t want to stop. If you are a parent of a teenage girl, get this book. If you know a single parent with teenage kids, gift her/him this book. You won’t regret it! Awesome job and Congrats, Bruna Nessif!

Bruna clearly has a way with words. Her personal stories are raw and honest. Everyone can relate to what she’s been through. You will love this book — I finished in 2 days! — and there are so many important lessons. She also provides writing prompts in the end and some beautiful poetry along the way. I haven’t read something this honest in a long time.

This book applies to everything. Unlike other books on the subject, this one is genuine and real. I love it!

Real, authentic, honest and vulnerable!!!! It’s a must read for men and woman!!!!!

THANK YOU BRUNA. This read was a great awakening in my life. It was a bit more than relatable, some moments felt like you where talking about my personal story and that’s whats intriguing. Highly recommend this book to any and all going through self healing. It will give you a different perspective on life. Xoxo you should make it into a feature.”

Bruna Nessif has written a brave, beautiful and raw accounting of the difficult journey to self love. It is funny and real, and will ring true to many beautiful souls out there. Enjoy the journey.

Her writing makes this an easy read.. for me it was almost as if I was reading pages of my own journal.. I’m sure you’ll experience that too. Great prompts at the end as well as so many good quotes, questions and prompts throughout the book. And by the end of it I was ready to grab my journal and let that shit go.

So raw and real! Too many people are afraid to share their story and do not understand that everyone goes through similar things in life.. We just don’t talk about it. Thank you for sharing all of our truths.

Bruna has created a must read for anyone that has troubles in relationships or life in general. This book is powerful and brutally honest and I find myself revisiting some chapters because I gain a new perspective each time.

This was an awesome read! Author Bruna Nessif takes you on an amazing journey of self-discovery while navigating through the complicated world of dating and relationships. This deeply personal series of stories chronicles each of her relationships and what she learned from each one. Using her signature wit and humor, she dives into each one, holding nothing back. The result is a poignant, sometimes hilarious, oftentimes heart-wrenching and completely relatable telling of what dating and relationships in the modern world looks like. She leaves the writer wanting more! I couldn’t put this down, and for good reason! Highly recommend!