The Problem With Dating (After Dark) on Bumpers:

EP 00: “What Is This?”

Welcome to The Problem With Dating (After Dark)! Let me explain WTF this is.

EP 01: “Dick & Dating Chat With Timothy DeLaGhetto”

Hear about our naked adventure in Jamaica, his relationship with Chia & of course, talk about his penis.

EP 02: “Psychic Chat With Chris Medina”

Will your favorite celeb couples make it?! Psychic Chris Medina spills the tea on that & the future of my love life (oof!)

EP 03: “Timing & Bumbling Chat With Ashley Hollabakk”

Find out why Ash thinks the whole “timing” thing is bullsh-t & hear how she found love on Bumble!

EP 04: “Sex Chat With Dr. Megan Stubbs”

Let’s talk about sex, baby! More specifically–my dry spell, sex toys, our hookup culture & so much more

EP 05: “Millennial Chat With Nic Mora”

Between being a millennial who is labeled as “intimidating” & facing pressure from immigrant parents to marry, dating can be a goddamn STRUGGLE.

EP 06: “Spiritual Chat With Arista Ilona”

Who’s ready to elevate their mindset? Arista & I touch on self-love, self-awareness & the struggle that comes with trying to be a better version of yourself.

EP 07: “Grown Chat With Ricky Shucks”

Enough with your childish & immature ways! Ricky drops some gems to get you into a grown mentality when it comes to dating.

EP 08: “Interracial Dating Chat With Jacky Wright”

Things get deep when Jacky & I tackle the touchy subject of race when it comes to dating.

EP 09: R-Rated Chat With Sherry Cola

Get ready to laugh as comedian Sherry Cola drops some hilarious truth bombs about love & dating