Let That Shit Go

WTF am I doing wrong? Another relationship down the gutter. Why do I keep attracting the same person in different bodies?

Sound familiar? Welcome to the club.

Let That Shit Go: A Journey to Forgiveness, Healing & Understanding Love is a compilation of true stories detailing intimate relationships with various men in order to illustrate the ongoing lessons that continued to arise, but were conveniently ignored.

In her usual conversational-yet-introspective tone, author Bruna Nessif will make you laugh, cry and reflect as she takes you on a very personal voyage where she recalls some of her most traumatic, heartwarming, embarrassing and monumental memories from her love life through transparent and vulnerable story-telling.

You will finish this book with a new lens on love and self-worth, as well as the tools to begin your own journey to healing by letting shit go.

You ready?

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