Is Posting About Your Relationship on Social Media a Big Deal?

Thanks to the booming digital age that we live in, we find ourselves facing new dating hurdles every day.

Like, posting on Instagram, for example.

Many couples get into arguments with their partners for NOT posting about their relationship on social media platforms, so Shawn and I talk about whether or not it’s actually important.

Do you think posting about your relationship on IG is crucial? Sound off in the comments below!

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  • I guess it all depends. I honestly don’t post that much about my relationship unless something really awesome has happened; so I may be in the minority. For example, if my husband got me a surprise gift… or treats me to something special… or big big moments like when we got married, I was def on that extra level sharing photos I loved from that day.

    But I do NOT think it is worth it to share drama or issues, etc. on social media. Even if you’ve got like 300 friends and it’s seemingly private because it isn’t a public convo? Doesn’t mean someone else won’t see it ever or share it or talk about it.

    So in the end I think it’s best to handle your issues with your partner or if you want advice? Go to your friends or your fam or loved ones and get the info. I feel like putting a partner on blast or sharing personal info they otherwise thought was private isn’t going to build any trust or make an argument better.

    And maybe the best rule is to literally do to others what you’d want. I know for myself I’d feel
    pretty upset if something about me was shared to others, or discussed without me being cool with it.

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