Introducing That’s What She Said: An Advice Column by Yours Truly

Going through something that you need to vent about? I’m here.

I told you guys in the beginning that I wanted this blog to be interactive because we’re in this together–this new column will help us do that by discussing things that are going on in your life.

Starting next week, I will post a few entries (totally anonymous) emailed to me at along with my responses every Wednesday (Yeah, kinda like a Dear Abby-type-of-thing). And once again, know that I am not a licensed therapist, but I am a pretty awesome friend and listener who will give you the best feedback I can without looking like a total jackass.

My weekly columns on different topics will continue, but those are very generalized and I understand every scenario has it’s own struggle.

So if you have questions about life, love or sex, write to me and we’ll bang it out.

(…That’s what she said)

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